Press Resources

Last updated: March 1st, 2017

Press Resources & Brand GuidelineResources for anyone interested in writing about FocalHub.Want more background about FocalHub?Check out our About page.
Brand Guide
You are more than welcome to use our logos and mention FocalHub but by all means, please follow our rules within this brand guideline to ensure our brand recieves the proper care and respect it deserves.
SpellingThe official spelling of our name is FocalHub, not Focalhub, Focal Hub, or any other combination.
UsageYou may use the FocalHub logo to refer back to us. You may not use the FocalHub logo in a way that signals any type of partnership, affiliation or that indicates a product that was not produced by FocalHub. Please refer to the "Do's and Don't" section for more examples. If there are any questions about the usage outside of these explicit details, you will need to first contact us for our written permission to do so.
DimensionsWhen using our logo, please do keep in mind the dimensions. The minimum size of our logo is 22 pixels high and must be uniformly scaled. With that said, when you do scale the FocalHub logo, it's proportions must be maintained and not stretched or smushed. There must also be sufficient spacing around all edges of the FocalHub logo. The spacing around the edges must be equal to or greater than 50% of the logo's height.
ColorOur logo color is #FF831E and should either be placed on a white (#FFFFFF) background or a black (#000000) background. Do not mix colors, add gradients, transparency, patterns or place our logo on any background other than a white or black one.
rgb(0, 0, 0)
rgb(255, 255, 255)
FocalHub Orange
rgb(255, 131, 30)
Do's & Don'ts
  • Use our assets to refer to FocalHub, our services or anything else we offer.
  • Write "FocalHub" as a single word, and capitalize both the first "F" and "H".
  • Comply with our Logo Guidelines, Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy
  • Modify or alter the assets.
  • Blow the logo out of proportion
  • Use the assets in a way that suggests or implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement by FocalHub.
  • Add effects or transparency to the logo
  • Rotate or crop the logo
  • Add borders
  • Create a pattern out of the logo
  • Use our logo as part of your own product, business, or service’s name
  • Alter our logo in any way, or combine them with any other graphics
  • Incorporate the assets, or anything confusingly similar, into your trademarks, domain names, logos or similar content.
  • Present the assets in a way that makes them the most prominent or distinctive feature of what you’re creating.
  • Use the assets in merchandise or other products such as clothing, hats or mugs.
  • Assert rights over the assets, whether by domain name registration, trademark registration or anything else.
  • Use trademarks, domain names, logos or other content that imitate or could be confused with FocalHub.
  • Feature FocalHub on materials associated with sexually explicit content, unlawful activity or other materials that violate our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.