Immersive 3D AdvertisingGorgeous, true-to-life, 360 degree, 3D product placements, signs, branded rooms & more delivered at scale
Unlimited ReachCustomizable, Interactive & Beautiful Advertising for Publishers & Brands on the Immersive WebFocalHub transform your digital advertising, brand's story, company's products into realistic experiences that extend beyond the real world.
Infinitely CustomizableFocalHub allows for a fully customizable space that can be updated with speed and ease through a simple, intuitive process just by the click of your mouse. Create seasonal templates and displays that never become outdated by switching between multiple VR spaces to make sure that you’re regularly refreshing your look –
We’ll even build it for you.
Global Scale & DistributionEntire inventories accessible within real-world environments. Showcase and sell an entire line of products without physical examples. Prototype and test ideas within virtual worlds with real consumers to make more informed decisions in the physical world. FocalHub provides a VR experience that works in any web browser on any device at home, in store and any location in between.
Boldly OriginalFocalHub experiences grow brand presence, directly engage individuals and capture feelings that build authentic customer relationships that foster long-term loyalty.
New, Meaningful KPIsWe’ve created brand new, meaningful KPI’s by measuring and analyzing your user’s habits, emotions, behaviors and movements within virtual reality environments.
Limitless PossibilitiesEnable your customers to make highly effective decisions with certainty when shopping for your products – Simulate an alluring atmosphere for consumers within a 3D, virtual experience that reflects your brand before they decide to purchase your products or services.
Cost EffectiveOur proprietary web-based 3D technology is up to 100x cheaper than a single 360 video production. FocalHub offers a low-cost, high performance, fully-hosted environment for creating and maintaining your brand’s virtual reality, 3D presence.
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