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One-Stop ShopFocalHub provides everything you need in order to help you make an impact with 3D online
UNIVERSALAny Device. Any Platform. Any Browser.It's common to have access to content anytime and anywhere, it's uncommon when it comes to virtual reality. Traditional virtual reality is contained within walled garden app stores and need expensive equipment & technical know-how. With FocalHub, your immersive experience is available just as any other normal website is.
CUSTOMIZABLEEndless amounts of Customizable FeaturesBreak new ground, literally. The paradigms of virtual reality are yet to be fully discovered and our mission is to help individuals and brands like you define those new ideals while simultaneously supporting your core ideals. It's your brand, your content; reimagined for future generations of content consumption.
ANALYTICSVisualize your Visitors' Actions & BehaviorYou've never tracked or visualized data like this before. With undoubtedly the most advanced tracking system for any type of 2D or 3D content currently available on the market, we give you previously unimaginable access to metrics such as where your site visitors attention lies and their precise behavior.
BOTSFrom Making a Sale to Greeting Customers.Use pre-built artificially intelligent bots to do your important work for you. It's like having your own team of sales people, greeters, or representatives talking to your site visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easily set them up to be dedicated spokespersons for any number of products, services or content you're displaying.
AGENTInteract with Visitors in Real-Time, Face-to-Face.For those times when bots just don't cut it, you can personally communicate with your visitors by literally 'jumping into' your own virtual reality content. Every visitor represents is a prime sales opportunity - effortlessly start targeted live chats with any number of visitors at any time, instantaneously.
HOSTINGSpeedy, Reliable & Secure.World-class speed and scalability with lightning-fast web-hosting, free SSL security and high uptime all built to handle even the most highly trafficked sites all included. No matter if you have just one visitor or 1 million visitors overnight, your site will be speedy and reliable every single time.
PLUGINSExtended Functionality. Unlimited Possibilities.Add plugins and third party integrations such as Google Analytics, multi-player, voice chat, social sharing, custom forms and more to your benefit. New plugins are being developed every day through our developer program that fundamentally render the full scope of possibilities as limitless. Anything is possible within virtual reality; No walls, ceilings, no limits.
COMMERCELifelike Experiences Boost Transactions.Showcase and sell an entire line of products without physical examples. Recreate your perfect environment, store or scene in virtual reality that relects your brand's core ethos and results in increased profit & customer satisfaction. Prototype and test ideas within virtual worlds with real consumers to make more informed decisions in the physical world.
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