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ProcessExpert Designs built for Now & the FutureFocalHub aims to to give clients superiority as they undertake crucial digital transformation in the age of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

This is where both parties start asking a lot of questions. We believe that having a strong dialog is at the center of the right concept, message, and experience. Using our expertise in building compelling 3D experiences and websites, we want to help you better understand what will resonate within your audience & customer base. Our job is to spend time upfront prioritizing certain features, functionality & designs that are critical to your success & end goals rather than those that are irrelevant. When the groundwork is established, we then begin the process of what it will look like & how your visitors will interact with and use it.


This step begins with a discussion about your brand. It's where the visual layout of the project starts to take shape. Using the information from you in the discovery phase, we begin sketches of the the wireframe & layout. We coact across disciplines to find the most effective solutions to every problem that arises. We fixate about how we can make the user experience better and better for your customers. After adding colors, photography, interactivity and additional content through a cycle of reviewing, tweaking and approvals, we continue to loop through the designs toghether until both parties are in love with the final design.


This is the step where we deploying your custom-made 3D immersive experience onto the FocalHub platform. FocalHub provides scalable, secure, and reliable infrastructure to host, maintain, edit and track your content. We run through some final testing and make sure there are no problems before going live. We also outline a plan to transfer your final experience to your web server and ensure the domain, server and hosting for your own solutions has been handled and set up if you require that. We utilize the latest tools and methodologies available to go from the design stage to production in just a few quick minutes, minimizing downtime.


The delivery stage is where your immersive experience get's into the hands of the people it is built for. FocalHub provides 3D experiences that works in any web browser, any platform, and on any device at home, in store and any location in between. Our proprietary software enables you to use the same digital marketing techniques that you're familiar with in order to share and promote your new immersive experience. Our mutual goals are to deliver a lot of visits, shares, virality, and success to the final product. It doesn't just stop after the deliver stage – we're available 24/7 for updates, questions, customer support and more.

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